Not Your Typical Law Firm. 

Times have changed. Clients are tired of paying inflated rates for poor service. Meridian is not your typical law firm. Our business model is built around providing superior customer service and sound legal advice at a fair cost. We have removed anything that does not provide tangible benefit to our clients -- no lavish offices, no leveraged hierarchy, and no bloated overhead. When you use Meridian, you can expect to work with a seasoned attorney who will answer your calls and will use his or her experience and available technology to efficiently handle your legal matter. That's the Meridian way. 

Our Logo

Meridian’s logo is rich with symbolism. The “M” and “L” from “Meridian Law” form a peak that signifies Meridian’s philosophy of using experienced legal professionals at the top of their game to help clients reach of the summit of their personal and professional goals. The gold triangle symbolizes the firm’s most precious asset: its clients. The "techno" grey represents the firm’s modern approach to the practice of law, including its emphasis on using technology to better serve its clients. The gold triangle is inset in the larger grey triangle to symbolize the firm’s role in protecting its clients while helping them summit the legal mountain. Because the view really is better at the top.

Our Pledge*

To Clients:

 We will strive to price services substantially less than competitors for the same amount and quality of service.

We will strive to provide clients with correct legal advice.

We will strive to communicate with clients honestly and in clear, understandable language.

We will strive to return all phone calls and emails within 24 hours.

We will strive to work diligently for clients using the best talents of intellect, hard work, and creativity, while abstaining from tactics of annoyance, embarrassment, diversion, and delay.

To Ourselves:

 We will be committed to the success and personal well-being of every single person employed by the law firm.

We will not allow work to destroy our ability to have a full, productive, and loving life outside of the office.

We will seek to train less experienced lawyers, paralegals, and assistants – even if training time cannot be fairly billed to clients.

We will seek to fairly compensate each individual according to that person’s proportionate contribution to the success of the firm.

We will not fail to represent clients whose legal and factual positions are defensible merely because they are unpopular, politically incorrect, or even shunned by others. Nevertheless, we will be true to our beliefs in right and wrong, both as lawyers and as human beings. If our principles conflict so fundamentally with those of the client that we cannot provide the client with the best possible representation, we will seek to withdraw promptly from the representation on terms that fully protect the client’s rights.

We will strive to be leaders in our community and will support civic, community, and Bar causes to the best of our ability.

To the Courts:

 We will represent our clients with respect for the integrity of the legal system.

We will not mislead the Court as to any matter of fact or law.

We will not fear to inform the Court that it is in error.

To Our Colleagues and Opposing Counsel:

 We will compete against you fairly and with respect.

We will work with you to find solutions to legal disputes that are fair and satisfactory under the circumstances.

We will work together with all lawyers to advance the integrity and ideals of the professions.

To Our Community:

 We will support our community with our time, talent, and treasure.


*This pledge was borrowed heavily from John Kralik's book, A Simple Act of Gratitude: How Learning to Say Thank You Changed My Life.