Justice John F. Onion Jr. of the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals once observed "that appellate judges watch from on high the legal battle fought below, and when  the dust and smoke of the battle clears they come down out of the hills and shoot the wounded." Regardless of whether you prevailed at or were wounded at trial, you don't want to be shot down on appeal. 

Not every great lawyer, or even great trial lawyer, makes a great appellate lawyer. Appellate courts are more focused on the standard of review and the policy results of their decisions than the facts of individual cases. That is why it is important to hire a firm that has experience handling cases on appeal, uses attorneys with strong research and writing skills, and knows the difference between a great jury argument and a great appellate argument. Meridian Law is such a firm. Its attorneys are currently admitted to handle cases on appeal to the Tennessee Court of Appeals, Tennessee Supreme Court, Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals, and the United States Supreme Court. 

So the next time you or your company need representation on appeal, we're your Huckleberry.